Baby carrier for hire for your snow trip.

The double pouch construction of the Twin Baby Carrier features an inner and outer pouch for each baby to make sure both babies are always secure, comfortable and cosy. The TWIN easily adjusts for growing babies and to fit different people carrying them (from 5′2″ slim frame to 6′3″ broad frame). To see an interactive detailed diagram of the construction go to :

The Twin Baby Carrier is made of soft and light navy cotton twill with blue and green plaid lining. The Weego is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperature.

Twin Babies love to be carried !

During pregnancy, the babies experience closeness to its mother through her heartbeat, motion and voice. After birth, the babies thrive through close physical contact. Giving your children this physical closeness as often as you can will contribute to happy and healthy development.

Scientific research proves that children carried frequently are not only more content and cry less but carrying also:

  • Supports the bonding between parent and child(ren).
  • Promotes the development of personality and self-confidence.
  • Supports the development of linguistic abilities and motor skills.

The Twin make this closeness possible giving the babies the space to discover the world and leaving parents´ hands free to explore with them !

For more information visit: The amazing baby company

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